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The Greater Kudu

Greater Kudu_0018_EWM.jpg

Greater Kudu
Exposure – 1/40
Aperture – f/6.3
Focal Length – 59.7 mm
ISO Speed – 50

Greater kudu may be active throughout the 24-hour day. The large ears are extremely sensitive to noise, making these shy antelope difficult to approach. Under normal circumstance, kudu will sneak away and hide from potential enemies. When startled, however, they flee with large jumps with their tails rolled upwards and forwards. Kudu often stop and look back after a running for a short distance – a frequently fatal habit. Despite their large size, kudu are accomplished jumpers, with records of heights of over 2.5 meters / 8.25 feet being cleared with ease. Herds disperse during the rainy season when food is plentiful, while as the dry season reaches its peak, there becomes a high concentration in favourable areas. Greater kudu are not territorial, although they do have ‘home’ areas. Maternal herds have home ranges of approximately 4 square kilometers which overlap with those of other groups. Home ranges of adult males are about 11 square kilometers, and generally encompass the ranges of two or three female groups. Population densities vary from 1.9-3.2 animals per square kilometer. The spiral horns are so well developed for wrestling that they can sometimes become so severely interlocked that the two animals fighting cannot release each other, and thus both die. Greater kudu have a wide repertoire of vocalizations, including barks, grunts, hooting bleats, and a strangulated whimper.

Family group: Small single sex groups up to 10, though congregations of 20-30 individuals have been recorded.
Diet: Leaves and grasses
Main Predators: Lion, Cape hunting dog, leopard.

Body Length: 185-245 cm / 6.1-8.1 ft
Shoulder Height: 100-160 cm / 3.2-5.2 ft
Tail Length: 30-55 cm / 12-22 in
Weight: 120-315 kg / 264-787 lb.

2 responses

  1. Fabulous capture Jerry! And beautiful light. Love it :-)

    July 3, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    • AW! Thank you Madhu. :)

      July 3, 2013 at 1:24 pm

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